Digital Extraoral X-rays

Digital Extraoral X-Rays are am important technology we use to help the residents of Kenosha and Paddock Lake.

Digital Extraoral X-Rays

Digital extraoral x-rays are typically taken to see problems with the jaw or the skull.

These X-rays are not as detailed as intraoral x-rays but are good for identifying impacted teeth, development of the jaw and help diagnose TMJ disorder.


The different types of extraoral x-rays are:

  • Panoramic x-rays
    • Used to image the entire mouth. Typically used to detect the position of fully emerged teeth as well as find emerging teeth.
  • Tomograms
    • With tomography structures in the focal plane appear sharp while everything around them is blurred. It is typically used for dealing with particular layers of the mouth.
  • Cephalometric projections
    • These x-rays show one entire side of a head. These are helpful for profile shots and can help determine how teeth are in relation to the jaw.
  • Sialography
    • A process that involves injecting a dye into the salivary glands so that they are visible on x-ray film. This is only used to look for gland issues.