Bonding Teeth

Fulmer Dentistry offers bonding services to Kenosha, Paddock Lake and Silver Lake.

Bonding Teeth 

Typically one of the easiest and least expensive cosmetic dental procedures, bonding is a one-time visit to repair a chipped, decayed or discolored tooth.


Bonding is a simple process:

  • The dentist chooses a color of composite resin to match your tooth.
  • The tooth is “roughened” to help the material “bond” to it.
  • The resin is applied and molded to the proper shape of the tooth.
  • The tooth is altered to look as natural as possible and bite checked.

The process, unless multiple teeth are scheduled to be bonded, typically lasts less than an hour.

Bonding isn’t usually permanent, but with good dental habits can last several years.