TMJ Treatment / Grinding

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TMJ Treatment

TMJ treatment is necessary for an affliction that affects your temporomandibular joints. These are composed of the joints and jaw muscles that let you open and close your mouth.

Soreness in this area might be an indication of having Temporomandibular Jaw Disorder (TMJ).

Medline Plus, a website run partially by the National Institutes of Health, lists some of the symptoms of TMJ as being discomfort when chewing, earache, headaches, lockjaw, or popping and grating sounds when opening or closing the mouth.

Treatment for TMJ can vary.

Sometimes simple therapy such as stretching and relaxing exercises, or placing warm or cool packs on the jaw, will help alleviate TMJ.

The dentist can prescribe different kinds of muscle relaxers or simply tell the patient to take anti-inflammatory drugs from the drugstore.

For some sufferers, a mouth guard might be put into place to prevent the grinding of teeth.

In extreme cases, the dentist may even recommend adjusting or changing some teeth.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

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