Don’t Leave Flex Plan Money on the Table!

Making your teeth great

All of us are extremely busy in December. It’s easy to get distracted and end up forgetting something that we thought we had carefully planned out in the beginning of the year. Studies show that many Americans leave unspent money in their flexible spending accounts (also known as your health saving account or HSA) at the end of the year- despite their good intentions.

Mom used to say “use it or or lose it – you’ll look funny without it!”. While that’s a humorous saying, the reality of the “use it or lose it” part is all too important when it comes to your flexible spending account  and other insurance benefits that might expire at year-end.

December is already upon us and many of our friends who rely upon Fulmer Family Dentistry for all of their dental services are scrambling to take advantage of the money they have set aside. We’ve received a LOT of last-minute calls asking us if we can squeeze them in before December 31.

It’s all too common to forget when we are thinking of Sugar Plum fairies (and less glamorous things like last minute shopping). All of those fun Holiday parties limit the amount of free time you have available to deal with your seemingly mundane health issues. But, if you put your appointment off, you do so at the risk of losing money you have set aside specifically for this purpose. As a result you might even have to choose delaying a much needed dental service that will help you through the holidays. That would be a shame.

As our patients know, Fulmer Family Dentistry offers the full array of restorative services, including implants, crowns, bridges, root canals and fillings. We are also the preferred Kenosha dentist office for general dental services like exams, extractions, fluoride treatments and treatments for gum disease.  These are all generally reimbursable. Cosmetic procedures are usually not reimbursable through your cafeteria plan, but it makes sense to check with your accountant or tax attorney if you have a specific question.

Many health insurance plans, especially those on exchanges through the Affordable Care Act, also provide specific benefits on an annual basis. You would be well-served to check with your insurance provider or broker to see if you have benefits that you will lose if you do not use them prior to the end of the year. According to the American Dental Society, only 2.8 percent of people with PPO plans reach or exceed their maximum allowable benefit amount in any given year.

We are already into the second week of December. Appointment times at both our Kenosha and Paddock Lake offices are filling up fast. So it behooves you to break from baking cookies and make your appointment now. Not only will you benefit from using the insurance or other medical account benefits you are entitled to, but your mouth will feel better as you start planning for the best year of your lives in 2018!

Fulmer Family Dental Services has been Kenosha’s “go to” friend for all of your dental health needs for six generations- now that Dr. Jim’s daughter Kaleigh has joined the team. We are proud to be based in Kenosha County with two convenient offices – on Roosevelt Road and in Paddock Lake.

Holiday smiles on our patients are our reward all throughout the year, but especially during the Holiday season when we are greeting family and friends for parties and family gatherings.

Healthy teeth are a gateway to an altogether healthier lifestyle. Being able to smile without hesitation makes this time of year all that you want it to be. Buy those presents (shop locally!), bake those cookies (or go to one of our great local bakeries) and plan those parties. But don’t forget to also get in to see Drs. Jim and Kaleigh before the end of the year so you don’t leave your money on the table!  Call 262-324-1342 in Kenosha and 262-843-4643 in Paddock Lake.

We wish all of you – patients and soon-to-be patients – a Very Merry Christmas and Bright Smiling New Year!