Frequently Asked Questions

The patient (or patient’s guardian, if a minor) is ultimately responsible for the payment of their treatment and care.

Patients who have dental insurance are responsible for the payment of co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles, and all other procedures or treatment not covered by their insurance plan, at time of service.

Payment is due in full at the on the day the treatment is rendered unless prior arrangements have been made.

Payments may be made using cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and/or Discover. For your convenience, we also accept CARECREDIT as a financing option available only for healthcare expenses.

Outstanding balances on your account are discouraged, and must be cleared before the next appointment or within 60 days of treatment, whichever comes first. Appointments for nonemergency treatment may need to be postponed pending payment of outstanding balances. Amount due and not paid in full within 60 days will be charged interest at a rate of 1.0% per month in addition to a $5.00 monthly billing fee per statement.

A returned check fee of $25.00 (subject to change as bank fees increase) will be added to your account for any returned check. Before we accept another payment by check, the $25.00 fee plus full payment for the check that did not clear must be paid.

We are pleased to assist you by submitting claims to your insurance company to help you receive your maximum allowable benefits. In order to do this we need your insurance card and/or insurance policy with you on your first visit of every calendar year. The patient is required to provide us with the most correct and updated information about their insurance, and will be responsible for any charges incurred if the information provided is not correct and updated.
Your dental appointments are scheduled carefully. Time, trained personnel and dental equipment are reserved for each procedure. Missed appointments add to the cost of dental care when reserved facilities are left waiting empty. We request 24 hours advanced notice for rescheduling your appointment. Your account will be charged a broken appointment fee of $50.00 for missed appointments without proper notification.