Fulmer Dentistry Accepts CareCredit To Pay for your Dental Procedures

Fulmer Dentistry accepts CareCredit

Have you or a member of your family skipped a visit to the dentist because of cost? Maybe you decided against your employers dental insurance or they didn’t offer one? Fulmer Dentistry accepts the CareCredit healthcare credit card to pay for your dental procedures. CareCredit is a credit card for your healthcare needs. You can use it as your own dedicated health and wellness credit line and you can make monthly payments or pay your balance off at any time. Dr. Fulmer understands that unexpected financial expenses happen in life and he wants to make sure that your oral health is affordable to you.

What is CareCredit and how does it work?

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card that is accepted at over 175,000 providers nationwide. It is designed to help you finance your health, beauty and wellness needs. With CareCredit, you can pay for treatments and procedures for you and your family at the time of service. Then, you can make convenient monthly payments that work for you and your family.

What dental procedures are covered by CareCredit?

Being proactive about your oral health will have you smiling for years to come. Here are some of the many dental care procedures and treatments you can use your CareCredit healthcare credit card for you and your family.

How Can You Get a CareCredit Healthcare Credit Card?

Healthcare financing with CareCredit is easy! Apply on their website, www.carecredit.com and start using it like a credit card for your dental healthcare needs.

Before moving forward with any procedure, discuss the costs with Dr. Fulmer and if it is covered by Care Credit. Dr. Fulmer and his staff prides themselves in being responsive to your needs and are able to answer all of your family dental services related questions. Fulmer Dentistry plans to be around for many years to come. They understand that your continued comfort and impression are contingent upon a positive experience each and every time you visit. Call Fulmer Dentistry to schedule your next appointment.