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Pediatric Trauma: Causes, Evaluation & Treatment

Prevalence and Possible Causes

Are you aware that nearly 50 percent of children will have some type of injury to a tooth during childhood, many of which are preventable? Tooth and mouth injuries most commonly occur after one of the following:

  • A fall
  • A motor vehicle accident
  • Sports injury
  • Fight

Most oral injuries are not life-threatening, and a child rarely develops serious complications. However, trauma to the teeth and mouth can have long-lasting effects on the child’s appearance and self-confidence.

How to Evaluate and When to Seek Medical Attention

Baby Teeth

Though primary teeth (baby teeth) are fated to fall out at some point, they are vital to a child’s ability to eat and speak properly. Fulmer dentists recommend* that the following precautions are taken before scheduling an appointment in the event of damage to baby teeth:

Baby Tooth is Loose Leave it in to heal properly and protect the developing permanent teeth until it is ready to fall out naturally. If a loose tooth requires treatment, a child may bite down on a towel to hold it in place.
Baby Tooth is Knocked Out Don’t panic! If the tooth is knocked out, keep the area clean and do not place the tooth back in yourself! This may cause damage to the developing permanent teeth. Do not touch the root of the tooth or try to clean it.

The little bits of gum tissue that are attached will help with the reimplantation. If debris is on it, gently rinse with tap water.  Contact us immediately to discuss next steps.

Broken Baby Tooth See your dentist promptly! The dentist will determine if there is damage to nerves or blood vessels.


Permanent Teeth

Any damage to a permanent tooth should be addressed immediately to help avoid long-term damage to nerves and blood vessels.

Permanent Tooth is Knocked Out This is a DENTAL EMERGENCY. In the event that a permanent tooth is knocked out, treatment guidelines recommend that the tooth is professionally placed back into the tooth socket as soon as possible, ideally less than one hour after the trauma.  

Do not touch the root of the tooth or try to clean it.

The little bits of gum tissue that are attached will help with the reimplantation. If debris is on it, gently rinse with tap water.

Permanent Tooth is Broken See the dentist within 2 days. If the child is experiencing sensitivity to hot or cold, they need to be treated by a healthcare provider immediately.


If you are uncertain, see the dentist as soon as possible. The sooner the tooth gets treated, the more easily it can be fully repaired.


Treatment varies, depending on the type of injury and whether the injured tooth is a primary or permanent tooth. Some things to keep in mind after treatment are:

  • Hygiene and diet — After a tooth or mouth injury, it is important to continue keeping the teeth clean. This includes brushing twice per day with a soft bristled toothbrush. Occasionally, a mouthwash will be prescribed to prevent swelling and infection.
  • Prevention – Mouth guards during vigorous activity are recommended to help mitigate the risk of oral injuries.


*As always, check with your dentist for a recommendation for your specific situation. This is not meant to take the place of your care provider’s medical advice.

Don’t Leave Flex Plan Money on the Table!

Making your teeth great

All of us are extremely busy in December. It’s easy to get distracted and end up forgetting something that we thought we had carefully planned out in the beginning of the year. Studies show that many Americans leave unspent money in their flexible spending accounts (also known as your health saving account or HSA) at the end of the year- despite their good intentions.

Mom used to say “use it or or lose it – you’ll look funny without it!”. While that’s a humorous saying, the reality of the “use it or lose it” part is all too important when it comes to your flexible spending account  and other insurance benefits that might expire at year-end.

December is already upon us and many of our friends who rely upon Fulmer Family Dentistry for all of their dental services are scrambling to take advantage of the money they have set aside. We’ve received a LOT of last-minute calls asking us if we can squeeze them in before December 31.

It’s all too common to forget when we are thinking of Sugar Plum fairies (and less glamorous things like last minute shopping). All of those fun Holiday parties limit the amount of free time you have available to deal with your seemingly mundane health issues. But, if you put your appointment off, you do so at the risk of losing money you have set aside specifically for this purpose. As a result you might even have to choose delaying a much needed dental service that will help you through the holidays. That would be a shame.

As our patients know, Fulmer Family Dentistry offers the full array of restorative services, including implants, crowns, bridges, root canals and fillings. We are also the preferred Kenosha dentist office for general dental services like exams, extractions, fluoride treatments and treatments for gum disease.  These are all generally reimbursable. Cosmetic procedures are usually not reimbursable through your cafeteria plan, but it makes sense to check with your accountant or tax attorney if you have a specific question.

Many health insurance plans, especially those on exchanges through the Affordable Care Act, also provide specific benefits on an annual basis. You would be well-served to check with your insurance provider or broker to see if you have benefits that you will lose if you do not use them prior to the end of the year. According to the American Dental Society, only 2.8 percent of people with PPO plans reach or exceed their maximum allowable benefit amount in any given year.

We are already into the second week of December. Appointment times at both our Kenosha and Paddock Lake offices are filling up fast. So it behooves you to break from baking cookies and make your appointment now. Not only will you benefit from using the insurance or other medical account benefits you are entitled to, but your mouth will feel better as you start planning for the best year of your lives in 2018!

Fulmer Family Dental Services has been Kenosha’s “go to” friend for all of your dental health needs for six generations- now that Dr. Jim’s daughter Kaleigh has joined the team. We are proud to be based in Kenosha County with two convenient offices – on Roosevelt Road and in Paddock Lake.

Holiday smiles on our patients are our reward all throughout the year, but especially during the Holiday season when we are greeting family and friends for parties and family gatherings.

Healthy teeth are a gateway to an altogether healthier lifestyle. Being able to smile without hesitation makes this time of year all that you want it to be. Buy those presents (shop locally!), bake those cookies (or go to one of our great local bakeries) and plan those parties. But don’t forget to also get in to see Drs. Jim and Kaleigh before the end of the year so you don’t leave your money on the table!  Call 262-324-1342 in Kenosha and 262-843-4643 in Paddock Lake.

We wish all of you – patients and soon-to-be patients – a Very Merry Christmas and Bright Smiling New Year!

We Put the Family in Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry - Dr. Jim Fulmer, Dr. Kaleigh Fulmer

By developing a lifelong relationship with your dentist, you can assure yourself and your family the best care and the brightest smiles. Especially if you work with a family dentistry.

From infants to adults, excellent dental care can be applied in a variety of situations. In fact, studies have shown that prenatal dental care that prevents periodontal disease can also help mothers avoid low birth weight and premature birth.

When babies get that first tooth, it is time to begin thinking about an appointment with Dr. Fulmer’s office. The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry say that the first dental visit should occur within six months after the baby’s first tooth appears, but no later than the child’s first birthday.

By trusting Dr. Fulmer to care for your child’s teeth along with your own, you can be confident that your entire family will get the hands-on, personalized care that all of Dr. Fulmer’s patients receive.

It is important to keep baby teeth healthy and in place until they are lost naturally. They help your children chew and maintain good nutritional habits. They are also important for speech development and to help maintain space where permanent teeth will ultimately grow. That’s to say nothing about the pride they give your children by keeping a bright, healthy smile until their permanent teeth arrive.

Prevention really is a family affair and is one of the keys to great dental health.  Regular six-month visits to Fulmer office for cleanings, fluoride treatments, x-rays and other important dental advice are vital for a  happy, healthy smile regardless of your age.

Those familiar smiling faces of the staff at Fulmer Dental make those appointments throughout your lifetime less traumatic. The Center for Disease Control lists tooth decay as one of the most prevalent childhood diseases – 42 percent of children ages 2 through 11 are estimated to have cavities in their baby teeth. Cavities in those baby teeth can be just as painful as those in permanent teeth.  Pain resulting from tooth decay disrupts sleep and contributes to a host of other health complications.

Teach your children good oral health habits early on. This includes brushing twice a day with an ADA accepted toothpaste. It is also important to stress to children that they not swallow toothpaste. At age four, give them flossing instructions. Call Dr. Fulmer’s office immediately if your child chips, breaks or loses a tooth.

In order to make it more interesting for your child, the ADA lists several toothbrushing tunes that you can show on a computer while they brush. These include:

A local family dentist gives you someone to call in dental emergencies. Dr. Fulmer and his outstanding staff pride themselves in being familiar with your family’s history and unique dental care requirements. Genetics impact dental and oral health.  Bringing your children and teenagers to the same dentist you see results in a better understanding of your family’s dental history.

As you pass from active working adulthood into your senior years, the familiarity of your family dentist becomes an even more cherished part of your dental health routine. The challenges of maintaining healthy teeth become more difficult as your body ages. The confidence elderly Kenoshans place in the staff at Fulmer Dentistry results from decades of great dental care.

Just like a good medical doctor, a professional, caring family dentist gives you and your family a better quality of life. The staff at Fulmer Dentistry are all about family – both theirs and yours. Call their Kenosha office at 262-671-4724 or Paddock Lake at 262-843-4643 to make an appointment to bring your family in for the best dental care available in this area.

Kaleigh Fulmer McGhee, DDS to Join the Fulmer Dentistry Team

Kaleigh Fulmer McGhee DDS

CONTACT: Dr. James Fulmer, DDS, 262-324-1370

Jim Fulmer, DDS announced today the hiring of his daughter, Kaleigh Fulmer McGhee, DDS, as a full-service dentist to continue the tradition of outstanding dental care at his Kenosha and Paddock Lake offices.

Kaleigh was indoctrinated into the quality dental care environment at an early age, having been a regular at Fulmer Dentistry throughout her childhood. A 2007 graduate of Tremper High School in Kenosha, Kaleigh received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. From there, she followed in her father’s footsteps and graduated magna cum laude with her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the Marquette University School of Dentistry this spring.

“I am excited to be able to provide dental care for the entire family in a comfortable and friendly environment, building bonds that will last a lifetime (pun intended),” she said. “I believe that the foundation for excellent dentistry begins with trust and developing a strong patient-dentist relationship.”

She added that without that relationship “no dentist can deliver the highest quality dentistry and provide an excellent patient experience.”

Kaleigh said that as the daughter of a very successful dentist with an outstanding reputation it was a dream come true to go to work alongside her father and continue in his tradition of providing excellent dental services for Fulmer Dentistry patients.

Kaleigh also joins her father in her professional affiliations, including the Kenosha Dental Society, the Wisconsin Dental Association and the American Dental Association.

“It is my mission to listen to and understand each patient’s individual needs and concerns,” Kaleigh stated. “I will make sure they are aware of any and all treatment options.”

Dr. Jim said he was extremely proud to be the first dentist in Kenosha to have his daughter join in his practice and continue in the Fulmer tradition of providing outstanding dentistry to Kenosha County families. “Kaleigh has always been passionate about improving people’s lives. The fact that she has decided to do that through dentistry at Fulmer Dentistry could not make me any prouder.”

Like her father, Kaleigh puts a premium on continuing education. “Although I’ve learned from two of the best (Marquette Dental and my dad), I know it is important to never stop learning. I’m excited to network, to learn best practices from others in the industry, and to continually embrace and work with the latest trends in dental technology.”

To make an appointment with Dr. Kaleigh Fulmer McGhee, contact the Fulmer Dentistry office in the Kenosha area at 262-324-1370 or Paddock Lake at 262-843-4643.

“I’d Rather Be Having a Root Canal” at Fulmer Dentistry

Root canal | Fulmer Dentistry

You’ve all heard the saying … root canals are about as popular as The Chicago Bears in Green Bay, WI. Over the years, people have dreaded hearing those words from their dentist “you are going to need a root canal.”

But with new technology and methods, root canals are really getting a bum rap in modern dentistry. Where they used to be extremely long and painful, the procedure has evolved to where, today, it is really faster and no more painful than getting most cavities filled. The relief you will feel on the distressed tooth will be immediate and complete.

The root canal procedure refers to a treatment to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth. The tainted pulp is removed, the canal is cleansed and disinfected and a filling is placed to secure the tooth.

Root canals can be performed on teeth that are cracked, have a deep cavity, have suffered from repeated treatment or have suffered some form of trauma.

The steps leading up to the actual procedure include a series of x-rays. Anesthesia is administered. When the tooth is completely numb, the pulpectomy is performed, during which an opening is made and the diseased pulp is extracted from the tooth using special files, which shape the canal for proper filling. The tooth is then irrigated to remove debris and clean the canal.

Finally, the tooth is filled with a substance known as gutta-percha and sealed with cement. A crown will ultimately be placed over the previously-infected tooth.

A properly administered root canal can last a lifetime if the patient continues good oral hygiene, makes regular dental visits and avoids chewing hard food on the affected tooth. Millions of teeth are saved every year because of root canal treatments.

Root canal treatments can normally be completed in one visit, sometimes two.

Contrary to myth, root canals do not cause illness. That theory was based on century-old research from a time when medicine did not understand the causes of many diseases.  Modern root canals are actually less traumatic than tooth extractions. There is less incidence of bacteria entering the bloodstream than from extractions. As recently as 2013 research published in the Journal of American Medicine found that patients with multiple root canals actually had a 45 percent reduced risk of cancer.

Furthermore, treatment or restoration of natural teeth is preferable and less expensive than implants or bridges.

If you think you need a root canal, ask your dentist what they would do if it was their tooth? Inquire about the likelihood of success. Dr. Fulmer is highly trained in endodontic procedures and his experience doing root canals assures you of a quality patient experience. To discuss the possibility of a root canal for your teeth, call Dr. Fulmer’s Kenosha office at 262-671-4724 or Paddock Lake at 262-843-4643.

Celebrating Our Talented Dental Hygienists

Fulmer Dental Hygienist

Fulmer Dentistry has two dental hygienists who are known for being the best at what they do. Their work will be celebrated this week as part of National Dental Hygienists Week.

Fulmer Dentistry’s dental hygienists, Anita and Teresa, are key players on the Fulmer team. They have long tenures working in dentistry and both have graduated from prestigious dental hygiene programs. They’ve been putting those talents to work at Fulmer Dentistry for a combined 53 years! Both are certified to administer local anesthetics. Anita and Teresa are proficient and experienced in all of the duties included in their jobs as dental hygienists.

National Dental Hygienist Week is proclaimed annually to focus on the importance of maintaining good oral health practices and helping people learn about and understand the importance of the dental hygiene profession.

Anita and Teresa are what Fulmer Dentistry refers to as “your partners in prevention.” They are licensed health care professionals who provide preventive, educational and therapeutic dental health services to Fulmer patients in both our Kenosha and Paddock Lake offices.

Studies show that half of American adults suffer from periodontitis. Dental hygienists across America are working hard to change this statistic. They are making progress.

Anita and Teresa exhibit the qualities that make them a valued part of the Fulmer team.

These qualities include:

Patience and understanding: Many patients are uneasy about their visits to the dental office. Anita and Teresa work to put their minds and at ease so the patient can relax while they perform their duties.
Attention to Detail: Every mouth is different and Anita and Teresa address the little things before they turn into big, painful problems for Dr. Fulmer’s patients. Every mouth is different and Anita and Teresa work diligently and carefully to make sure every patient receives the best care and has the best chance of success.
Passion: Their job requires dexterity and stamina. Dental hygienists work hard. They are on their feet for hours at a time and they are tired at the end of their shift. Anita and Teresa continue in this line of work because they love to see Dr. Fulmer’s patients smile and enjoy the best quality of life.
Positive Attitude: By smiling a lot they possess a disarming kind of charm that makes the visit to the dentist’s office easier and less stressful.

US News & World Report lists dental hygienist as the fifth best job in America out of the top 100 in 2015. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects dental hygienist job opportunities to grow by 33 percent through 2022. This is reflective of the demand for the excellent services they offer – especially from great hygienists like Anita and Teresa.

At Fulmer Dentistry, dental hygiene includes teaching the patient to be positive about prevention. Hygienists assist with sealing, polishing and cleaning teeth as well as educating patients about good oral hygiene.

Anita and Teresa, the two talented dental hygienists on the Fulmer Dentistry team, enjoy working with people. They like getting to know you and are very good at communicating ways to make your dental health care better and more rewarding.

Fulmer Dentistry offers great dental hygiene services as a part of the complete dental care services available in both our Kenosha and Paddock Lake offices. Make your appointment in Kenosha at 262-324-1370 or Paddock Lake at 262-843-4643.

Great, Local Dental Care at Fulmer Dentistry

Great, Local Dental Care

You would not trust your general health to a corporate doctor whose primary interest is profit rather than your personal well-being. Would you? Great, local dental care is just as important to your quality of life as the rest of your body. In some ways, because of the important functions that your mouth and teeth perform, it can be even more important!

Dr. Jim Fulmer and his staff at Fulmer Dentistry pride themselves on getting to know their patients. They are Kenosha residents. In fact, Dr. Fulmer is a fifth generation Kenoshan and there have been ten private practice dentists in his family. It’s no wonder Fulmer Dentistry, in Kenosha and Paddock Lake, is known for professional, friendly, pain-free dentistry.

Corporate dentistry is a fairly recent phenomena. Like the retail marketplace, corporations recognize profit potential by creating assembly lines where patients come in and get whatever dentist happens to be available that day. The concept of personal care and attention can get lost in the shuffle of bottom line profits and maximizing insurance returns.

At Fulmer Dentistry, a family dentist, patients know that there will not be some profit-motivated bureaucrat looking over their dentist’s shoulder, recommending procedures that may or may not be best for them, or even necessary.Dr. Fulmer and his staff get to know their patients personally. They ask detailed questions about your teeth and they access the latest training opportunities to stay abreast of potential new treatments and technologies.

Dr. Fulmer prides himself on being a graduate of the Marquette School of Dentistry. Plus, he has over 2,000 hours of advanced dental study under his belt. He is also a graduate of the prestigious LD Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education.

Many of the dentists who will see you at corporate sites are recent college graduates looking to enhance their resume or bide time until they can link up with a private practice.

Fulmer Dentistry accepts full responsibility for your care plan. As a private practice, they are more free to design a plan that fits both your needs and your budget. Professional freedom means they can be flexible in addressing your dental concerns, often in ways that are frowned upon in a corporate environment.

Many senior citizens in Kenosha know that they can trust Dr. Fulmer and his staff for quality care that will be done right the first time. Surprises are rare, again because Dr. Fulmer takes great pride in asking questions and finding real solutions for his patients.

In those painful emergency dental situations, you can trust Dr. Fulmer will see you, himself, at the earliest possible convenience. At corporate offices, you often are asked to delay treatment or to see a dentist that you don’t know. In an emergency situation, this can be frightening.

Each member of the staff at Fulmer Dentistry brings a unique skill-set to the practice. It is a close-knit group and they offer a family-friendly environment at both their Kenosha office on Roosevelt Road and their Paddock Lake office on Highway 50.

Dr. Fulmer knows how much technology has contributed to pain-free dental procedures in the modern era. As such, his office is equipped with the latest equipment to do everything from cosmetic procedures to restorative root canals and implants. If you are considering something for your teeth that you have read or heard about that requires new technology, check with Dr. Fulmer first. Chances are good that he is one of the first dentists in this area to have invested in the technology you are reading about.

Dr. Fulmer is proud of the reputation his practice has for making Kenosha (and Paddock Lake) families smile brighter and live better. In his practice, he has the final say when it comes to something suggested for your teeth or gums.

As a dentist who is active in his community, Dr. Fulmer runs into many of his patients when he is out and about at community events, golfing or just grocery shopping. He takes great pride when his patients tell him how thankful they are for the good work that Fulmer Dentistry does for them and their loved ones.

Kenosha is a great city with great people. Fulmer Dentistry is your best option for getting great dental care from someone with a reputation for making Kenoshans smile. Contact Fulmer Dentistry’s Kenosha office at 262-558-4129, or Paddock Lake at 262-843-4643.

Senior Dental Care & Fulmer Dentistry

At Fulmer, we work with insurers to provide the best senior dental care.

As you get older, senior dental care and hygiene become increasingly important to maintaining your quality of life.

Kenosha has a high percentage of senior citizens who have grown up during a generation when dental technology and care has made great advances.

Most seniors remember the painful experience of having cavities drilled with little or no pain relief. They remember the dread with which they anticipated going to the dentist in a time when it almost seemed worth it to live with the pain.

All of that has changed in recent decades. With the advent of improved techniques and technology, senior citizens, like all patients, can benefit from the advances that have been made and the care that dedicated dental professionals like Dr. Jim Fulmer and his staff at Fulmer Dentistry offices in Kenosha and Paddock Lake have to offer.

Unlike the assembly line dentistry that has emerged in recent days, Dr. Fulmer brings his patients a genuine concern and first-hand knowledge of the latest advances in modern dentistry. His chair side manner is reassuring and Kenosha’s senior citizens are among the most loyal of his patients, having experienced the “old ways” and coming to appreciate the many advances Dr. Fulmer and his trained staff bring to his practice.

Seniors face unique challenges when it comes to caring for their teeth. Many seniors take prescriptions which have, as one of the side effects, a dry mouth. A dry mouth increases the risk of cavities and gum disease to seniors. It is estimated that there are over 400 medications that contribute to dry mouth syndrome.

Some seniors have dentures. It is vital that those dentures are cleaned on a daily basis. Seniors are encouraged to take their dentures out for at least four hours daily and remove them at night.

It is important that seniors be encouraged to drink tap water, which usually contains fluoride which also contributes to good dental health.

Some published findings link poor dental health to pneumonia – always a great risk for senior citizens. This is especially an issue for elderly citizens and those who are confined to nursing homes.

Cost can be an issues for senior citizens as well. Many find themselves on a fixed income with Social Security and Medicare for the first time in their lives. Some lose dental coverage upon retirement and Medicare does not cover most dental work. Medicaid coverage, where it is available, varies from state to state. And, the landscape for all of those coverages is constantly changing. It is estimated that only about two percent of older Americans have  insurance for their senior dental care needs.

Seniors also face transportation challenges that make it difficult to get to their dentist. Dr. Fulmer is conveniently located both in Kenosha and in Paddock Lake.

Dr. Fulmer knows his patients well and he treats his elderly patients with the care they have earned with a lifetime of sacrifice and contribution to a better Kenosha. Senior citizens appreciate the quality dental care they receive at Fulmer Dentistry. They deserve nothing less.

Contact Fulmer Dentistry for more information or to schedule your appointment.

Fulmer Dentistry – Making Your Teeth Great Again!

Making your teeth great

Having a great white smile and healthy teeth & gums requires you to keep dental care high on your list of priorities. An important part of that care is making sure you have a dentist who has the experience, education and empathy that, when combined, will enable you to take the steps necessary to keep you smiling.

Here are five top ways you can be sure you are getting the care you desire:

  1. Make sure your dentist has the credentials you expect and deserve. This means your dentist should have proper training, all of the requisite licenses and will hopefully be experienced in administering the specific areas of care you and your family need. In order to stay abreast of the latest technological advances in dentistry (resulting in more successful, pain-free procedures), your dentist should enroll in a regular series of continuing education classes. Dental technology is constantly evolving. It often isn’t necessary for you to suffer through procedures that were highly painful in years past. Dr. Fulmer has completed over 2000 hours of advanced dental study. Ask your dentist if you can review his/her portfolio – check if they would be willing to share references with you, including before and after photos if available. Dr. Fulmer’s commitment to continuing education is consistent with his desire to provide his patients with the best care available. Experience is a key factor in quality dental care.

  2. Make sure your dentist is concerned about your “whole health”.  A good dentist understands that your mouth is sensitive and employs a gentle touch when handling your teeth and gums. A good dentist knows the danger of using mercury silver fillings and can recommend diet and lifestyle adjustments that will help you keep your mouth and gums healthy. A great dentist, like Dr. Fulmer, has a reassuring chairside manner that gives you confidence that you and your family are getting the best care available.

  3. Communication now can avoid problems later. Start your relationship with a new dentist by setting up a meeting where you can explain your dental history and goals. Dr. Fulmer offers a free initial consultation. You will be impressed that he asks the right questions, listens actively to your concerns and does his best to you educate you on the most advanced ways to address your oral care goals. A good dentist will not bully, pressure or rush you to make decisions and will respect all patients’ time and resources. A good dentist will be honest with you, helping you to set realistic expectations for your procedures, outlining outcomes and expected timetables. Dr. Fulmer has a reputation for being one of the best communicators in his field, not just in Kenosha and Paddock Lake, but throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

  4. Beware of economic extremes. Some dentists market themselves as high-end luxury dentist and will attempt to upsell you on products and services. Others advertise below-market prices, but those are often at the risk of getting shoddy work and cheap materials. At Fulmer Dentistry, you will receive top-of-the-line care at reasonable prices. It’s a key as to why so many repeat patients are so loyal to Dr. Fulmer.

  5. Facilities are important. How does the dentist’s office impress you when you walk in the front door? Are the offices clean and inviting? Does it appear that they have the latest equipment and sterilization processes? You can rest assured that Dr. Fulmer takes pride in providing an environment that is comfortable and reassuring to all of his patients.

Dr. Jim Fulmer and Fulmer Dentistry take personal pride in seeing their patients smile. Knowing that they have helped Kenosha families live a happier, more pain-free life is a direct result of the work Dr. Fulmer has done.

New Years Dental Resolutions

We offer teeth whitening services to the areas around Kenosha and Paddock Lake

With the approach of another New Year, Dr. Fulmer is stressing the importance of keeping bright, healthy teeth at the forefront of your resolutions this year.

Good oral health gives all of us an opportunity to concentrate on those other important resolutions. Tooth care should be a top priority if you are serious about making healthy choices next year.

First and foremost, you should resolve to expand upon your daily regimen of brushing and flossing. At least twice a day, be sure to give your teeth the kind of care they need to keep your smile bright and your daily living painless.

Partaking in holiday goodies is ok, but it really makes sense to follow those holiday cookies and candies with a thorough brushing and flossing. Sugar is corrosive to your teeth. Don’t let it linger around them longer than is absolutely necessary.

If you are a regular brusher, but have not gotten into the habit of regular flossing, the New Year is a great time to “up your routine” to add this important element to your daily dental care. Dr. Fulmer urges all of his patients to floss twice a day, and more if you imbibe in foods that can damage your teeth if you do not floss them away right after eating.

That red wine sure tastes good. But understand when you drink it that it can stain your teeth. Consider those less staining white wines once in awhile. And if you do drink those wonderful cabs, merlots and other tasty red wines, be sure to rinse afterwards.

A good, balanced nutritional plan also contributes to periodontal health. As you explore diets that will help you keep your waist size under control, also consider the effects of good nutrition on your oral health. Avoid sugars as much as possible. Excessive alcohol consumption has been shown to be a contributing factor to bad oral health as well.

Still smoking? Just quit.

Finally, be sure to schedule regular visits with Dr. Fulmer and his great staff at either his Paddock Lake or his Kenosha office.

Enjoy the holidays. Concentrate on family and friends. Don’t get distracted by those sometimes painful issues related to dental health.

Dr. Fulmer wishes you and yours a fulfilling, prosperous and pain-free 2017.