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Why A Dentist Is Better Than A Tanning Salon For Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

You can get the sparkle back in your smile with a variety of teeth-whitening methods. Teeth whitening is a fast, easy way to brighten teeth and enhance your smile. It is among the most popular cosmetic dental procedures because it can greatly improve how your teeth look. Regain confidence in your smile by scheduling your teeth whitening appointment with Fulmer Dentistry.

Not all teeth whitening treatments provide the same results. To get the best results possible, you will want to visit Dr. Fulmer for his in-office teeth whitening treatment. He will take the time to answer all of your teeth whitening questions and walk you through the process.

Dr. Fulmer utilizes state-of-the-art technology to bleach the teeth of his patients. This bleaching process typically only requires one visit and is completed in just one hour. Because Dr. Fulmer is supervising the procedure, a stronger bleaching solution is used than what’s utilized at a tanning salon, which is usually just an in-home kit and you would have to apply several applications. Unlike having your teeth whitened at a tanning salon, our in-office whitening uses a stronger agent to color the teeth, while protecting your gums and mouth from these agents. If you have sensitive gums, we will make sure that they don’t get more irritated.

It is important that the teeth whitening procedure not harm the existing tooth enamel that could bring new problems and costs later on. With Dr. Fulmer supervising the whitening process, you can rest assured that your dental health is in good hands and you will get the results that you expect.

Not only is Dr. Fulmer with you during the whitening process, as opposed to no one at a tanning salon, he is then able to deal with issues that may arise from the process such as tooth sensitivity immediately.

Whitening your teeth at a tanning salon may take several weeks to get the results that you want, while whitening your teeth at Fulmer Dentistry will take little over an hour to get a radiant, white smile. With proper dental care, you can maintain the brightness a lot longer by avoiding habits such as drinking coffee, and smoking cigarettes.

To have white teeth, it is important to see a professional such as Dr. Fulmer, instead of doing it yourself while you are tanning. Dr. Fulmer is eager to help you smile with confidence, as he takes pride in seeing all those happy smiles in Kenosha and Paddock Lake. For the best teeth whitening results, contact Fulmer Dentistry today to schedule your teeth whitening appointment.

Teeth Whitening Tips for a Better Smile

Fulmer dental is a leader in the Kenosha and Paddock Lake communities in gum restructuring and teeth whitening procedures.

How Teeth Whitening has Become an Obsession and What You Need to Know

Cosmetic Dentistry, and teeth whitening in particular, has become an obsession for some Americans. As of 2007, nearly a decade ago, Americans were spending over $1.4 billion dollars annually on teeth whitening products. That number has only gone up with a flood of new products and treatments being introduced to consumers.

According to the American Dental Association website, Mouthhealthy.org, there are three common ways of bleaching:

  • In-office bleachingTypically a one-visit approach, special lights or lasers are used to help whiten the teeth without damaging enamel or harming the soft tissue around your gums. – Typically a one-visit approach, special lights or lasers are used to help whiten the teeth without damaging enamel or harming the soft tissue around your gums.
  • At-home bleaching – Strips and trays are used, typically with peroxide, to lift away stains. This option can be risky for those with sensitive teeth, or people who have fillings or crowns on their front teeth.
  • Whitening toothpaste/products – Many of the toothpaste brands have some kind of whitening toothpaste, mouthwash and strips available on the market. Depending on the brand, there are additional concerns such as the plastic micro beads that some brands put in the paste to add texture.

How Do Your Teeth Get Stained in the First Place?

Diet and habits have a measurable effect on the color of your teeth. Things like wine, coffee, tea, berries and soda all can leave teeth yellowed and stained. Smokers also will suffer stains on their teeth. In both cases, cutting down or quitting some of these color-causing behaviors will not only keep your teeth looking whiter, but also help with oral and physical well-being. This is definitely a time when “everything in moderation” will ring true.

Some people are doing more damage than good by overcompensating to quicken the process. Improper cleaning techniques and practices can harm your mouth, gums and even damage your teeth’s roots. Make sure you work with a professional dentist when deciding what techniques you are going to employ, and the products that you are going to use when working to whiten your teeth. As always, it’s good to have a solid plan in place.

What Can Fulmer Dental of Kenosha and Paddock Lake do for You?

Our general dentistry serves Kenosha and Paddock Lake and the surrounding communities in an effort to keep their mouths healthy, teeth clean and smiles beautiful. We specialize in the process of cosmetic teeth whitening services that are safe and effective. If you have any questions involving the teeth whitening process or if it is right for you, consult with us to help you make the right decisions.

Stop in to visit with Dr. Fulmer to help create a comprehensive plan of teeth cleaning techniques to have your smile looking better going forward.