The Mouthguard – Essential in ALL Sports Activities

Athletics are fun. Most parents go to great lengths to see that their children have all the best equipment in the various youth sports programs in Kenosha County. They want their children to not only enjoy the competition and recreation, but to be as safe as possible in doing so.

The same holds true for adult sports. Those city league softball players you see walking around with equipment bags that include a couple of the latest technology bats are all about getting that competitive edge, while maintaining the highest level of safety.

Even fitness enthusiasts, who pay substantial membership fees to lift weights and get in shape, don’t scrimp on the equipment they need to get a good, safe workout.

Here at Fulmer Dentistry we can help with one of the often-overlooked pieces of equipment that is extremely important – the mouthguard.

In the past, mouthguards were used mainly by the more traditional contact sports – football, wrestling, boxing , sometimes basketball. Today, the potential damage to teeth that comes from a thrown ball, an errant elbow or biting grimace is widely recognized and, as a result, the mouthguard has become vital component of athletic equipment for most sports.

An athlete not wearing the proper mouthguard is 1.6-1.9 times more likely to sustain damage to their teeth according to American Dental Association (ADA) Council on Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations and the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs.

Without a proper mouthguard, you are exposing not only the teeth, but also the gums and supporting bone structure. If you or your child wears braces, a custom fitted mouthguard is even more important.

Most of us are familiar with those “boil and bite” mouthguards that are available for a few bucks at the drug or department store. While those are better than nothing, there are better options available to protect your teeth and mouth during both team and individual athletic activities.

You can be confident when you get a mouthguard from Fulmer Dentistry that it is properly fitted and that it provides adequate thickness to give you or your child’s teeth the maximum amount of protection.

An improperly fitted mouthguard also restricts the ability of the athlete to communicate effectively. This is especially important for those “key communicator” positions in sports (football quarterbacks, soccer goalies, basketball point guards). This is true in some of the less traditional sports like lacrosse, skiing, and hockey as well. The ability to communicate effectively while wearing a proper mouthguard is often overlooked but is of vital importance for both safety and performance of the athlete.

A mouthguard sized and fitted by Fulmer Dentistry provides much greater protection than the boil and bite alternative. It is easy for Dr. Fulmer to incorporate the sizing into a regular cleaning or checkup appointment. Then, about a week later, you can have a mouthpiece that you are confident is providing the best level of protection you desire for your teeth and gums.

Properly fitted mouthguards don’t break down like their less expensive alternatives do. While the initial investment may be a little bit more, athletes often go through two or three of the boil and bite mouthpieces in a season. They get chewed up and discarded as somewhat disposable, which is what they are.

A properly fitted mouthpiece goes beyond just the mouth. An article in the Journal of Athletic Training suggested that a proper fitting mouthguard may also reduce the athlete’s likelihood of sustaining a concussion.

Dr. Fulmer is a huge sports fan, having participated in many different sports himself (he would jokingly tell you his properly-fitting mouthguard even protected him when he experienced one of his falls from the bench, where he spent most of his time :^>).

It is estimated that victims of knocked-out teeth might face lifetime expenses of up to $15,000 per tooth. So whether you are an adult choosing to do some weight-lifting or skiing, or your child is a KASL soccer player, a Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha football player or a Lakeland Little League baseball player, (or a member of their school team) a custom-fitted mouthguard is a great insurance policy and a great investment.

Fulmer Dentistry offers custom mouthguards in school and team colors. Football season is just around the corner. Make an appointment today with Fulmer Dentistry to get one of the most important pieces of athletic equipment you can provide for yourself or your child.