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Dr. Fulmer awarded Leader of Literacy

The Kenosha Literacy Council celebrated  it’s 50th anniversary at a banquet Saturday night at the Kenosha Country Club. This year the council  presented  it’s first annual Howard J. Brown Family Literacy Leader Awards.

Dr. Fulmer, KLC Leader in Literacy Award 2015
Dr. Fulmer with Betsy Brown, at the KLC’s 50th Anniversary dinner.

Receiving the award for an individual is our own Dr. Jim Fulmer. This is a major award and Dr. Jim is humbled to receive it

“I never really thought too much about literacy,” Dr. Jim stated. “I always just assumed that anybody who really wanted to, and who paid attention, could read.”

His appreciation of the importance of literacy education for adults was enhanced when Cheryl Hernandez, Executive Director of the Kenosha Literacy Council, spoke to the Rotary Club of Kenosha-West, of which Dr. Jim is a member.

“I thought the information she shared with us was incredible,” he said. “The impact of literacy is so far-reaching it is difficult to measure. For employment, health, safety, betterment of community, etc., reading is essential.”

The thing that impressed Dr. Jim the most from Cheryl’s presentation was the fact that the single greatest determinant in a child’s academic success is the reading level of that child’s mother. “How can a second generation immigrant succeed if mom doesn’t become literate?” he asked.

Dr. Jim has had first-hand experience with literacy challenges at his dental office. “For years, I employed a Spanish-speaking dental assistant,” he said. “When a Spanish-speaking patient came in, it was amazing to see the look in their eyes when they realize that they would be understood.”

“It is very humbling to receive this award, especially since it is named after a community hero and so many others are more deserving” he said.


Anxiety and the dentist: relax.

young girl illustrates Anxiety and dentist

Relax – Your trip to the dentist office can be anxiety free!

Relax – Your trip to Dr. Fulmer’s office can be pain-free
For many people, anxiety and the dentist go hand and hand. For some, it is just that normal discomfort that accompanies allowing someone into their “personal space.” Those are natural discomforts that most people are able to overcome in the interest of good dental health.

Some patients suffer more severe phobias and fears of visiting the dentist. Most know these fears are irrational. But they expect their dentist to understand that they are very real and they appreciate their care plan taking into account their need for reassurance and space.

It is estimated that between 9 and 20% of people avoid going to the dentist because of some kind of fear or anxiety. The National Institutes of Health estimates that means 20 million Americans avoid the comfort they could realize because of their fear of going to the dentist.

More senior patients may still experience bad memories of anxiety and the dentist, going back to the days when the equipment wasn’t so advanced and the pain of cavities, fillings and extractions was much more real than it is today. Advances in technology and medicine have made it possible for good dentists to make those visits much less painful in reality.

Dr. Fulmer has earned a well-deserved reputation for having a disarming and caring chairside manner. He listens carefully to every individual patient’s story so he can gain a solid appreciation of how to approach their case. All of the tools and medicines in the world won’t do any good if your dentist doesn’t apply them correctly. Dr. Fulmer’s patients know they can count on him to understand their needs and approach their treatment in a way that gets them to that ultimate solution, as painlessly as possible.

 “I was never a fan of the dentist and avoided it for years. My sister recommended Dr. Fulmer and I psyched myself up enough to go for a cleaning. Best decision ever! He’s so kind and caring and he really calmed my fear of the dentist. His assistant’s and secretary are awesome too! He recommended a device that helped cure jaw pain I’d been having for years. I would recommend 100%!” – Emily Paskiewicz

At Fulmer Dentistry, patients are confident that they will benefit from being cared for with the absolutely latest technology and innovations. Dr. Fulmer takes pride in staying on the cutting edge of technological advances in the field of dentistry and his continuing education assures patients he is always abreast of the best of what is available to maintain the ultimate level of patient comfort while, at the same time, successfully addressing their dental needs and challenges.

A good example of Dr. Fulmer’s ability to administer top-quality dental services in an environment conducive to the individual needs of every patient is their use of oral conscious sedation. This technique allows Dr. Fulmer to administer sedation orally rather than with a needle, which can sometimes add to the anxiety patients experience. It is just one of many methods Dr. Fulmer employs to help his patients relax during their visits.

Dr. Fulmer also prides himself in hiring professional staff who appreciate the uneasiness some people feel about visiting the dentist’s office. His staff is fully trained in reassuring his patients and his office environment is designed to be disarming and very comfortable as well.

The American Dental Society suggests that you schedule your visits to the dentist at times when you are likely to feel less pressure. For some, that could mean an appointment first thing in the morning. For others, it could call for scheduling their visit on a Saturday. The ADA also stresses that you choose your dentist with care (strong referrals from people you know are a key to finding a good dentist!); eat a high protein meal before your visit and avoid coffee or other caffeinated drinks immediately prior to your visit. Of course, good dental habits that include regular cleanings along with multiple daily brushing and flossing are also key to giving you the confidence you desire that your visit will be positive.

Dr. Fulmer prides himself in giving his patients the best dental care possible in an environment that they can be confident will be comfortable, reassuring and as minimally invasive as possible. You can be a lot less anxious about your visit to the dentist knowing that Dr. Jim Fulmer is on your side. Make an appointment today.

“Before seeing Dr. Fulmer, I had terrible anxiety about visiting a dentist. I had to force myself to get into my car and make the trip to his office in Paddock Lake. Within 5 minutes (no exaggeration) of meeting Dr. Fulmer, any anxiety I had went right out the window. It was immediately apparent that this man truly cared, and I could see that he was genuinely listening to what I was saying to him.”

“Now, after my second visit, I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that I’m in good hands with Dr. Fulmer and his team. I never thought I’d be saying these words, (EVER!), but I can’t wait until my next appointment! He’s an amazing man and it gives me such peace of mind to know that I’m under the care of somebody who is not only good at what they do, but passionate as well.”

“Thank you to everybody at Fulmer Dentistry. You’re truly changing my life.” – Cody Kaucic

Best Option For Kenosha Family Dental Services

Dr. Fulmer, family dental services in Kenosha

Dr. Jim Fulmer and Fulmer Dentistry have a well-deserved reputation for taking great care of the family dental service needs of Kenosha families.

If you are searching for family dental services that you can be both confident in and comfortable with, Fulmer Dentistry should be at the top of your list. There is a good chance once you research Dr. Fulmer’s outstanding reputation that you will need to look no further.

Fulmer Dentistry performs a broad range of dental procedures and services to meet the needs of Kenosha county residents – young and old alike. Kenosha families rate their family dental services on a variety of different criteria. Fulmer Dentistry scores at the top of all of these dental priorities:


Where was your dentist educated and trained? Dr. Jim Fulmer got his degree in Dentistry from the Marquette School of Dentistry. He also undergoes continuous education to stay abreast of the latest technology and available procedures. He participates in regular training updates and attends seminars relating to issues of importance to his patients.


Kenosha County residents want their dentist to be an expert at any and all services they might need during their lifetime relationship. At Fulmer Dentistry, the services Dr. Fulmer and his staff can perform range from general things like teeth cleaning, fluoride treatment, treatment of gum disease and extractions to restorative procedures like fillings, implants, root canals, crowns, bridges and dentures. Dr. Fulmer is also an expert at cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, bonding, veneers and gum restructuring.


You never know when you will need a dentist for an emergency procedure or care. Fulmer Dentistry sets aside designated times on their schedules to allow for those unexpected visits to the dentist. Or, where feasible, Dr. Fulmer will immediately prescribe something to carry the patient over until they can make it into the office.


The best way to measure how good your dentist will meet your personal priorities is to listen to the people who have used them before. Kenosha Chief of Police John Morrissey has allowed Dr. Fulmer to care for his teeth for over 15 years. “His staff has always made me feel comfortable and that I am in the best hands. Routine cleanings have been simple and informative, and any issues with my teeth haven’t felt like issues at all. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Hours and Locations.

Fulmer Dentistry offers hours and locations convenient to Kenosha County residents who wish to visit either their Kenosha office or their western office in Paddock Lake.

Dr. Fulmer’s staff prides itself in being responsive to your needs and able to answer all of your family dental services related questions. It is important to you and equally important to Dr. Fulmer that you are comfortable entrusting him with this important lifetime care. Dr. Fulmer and his staff are in it for the long term and they understand that your continuing comfort and impression are contingent upon a positive experience each and every time you visit.

The Mouthguard – Essential in ALL Sports Activities

Athletics are fun. Most parents go to great lengths to see that their children have all the best equipment in the various youth sports programs in Kenosha County. They want their children to not only enjoy the competition and recreation, but to be as safe as possible in doing so.

The same holds true for adult sports. Those city league softball players you see walking around with equipment bags that include a couple of the latest technology bats are all about getting that competitive edge, while maintaining the highest level of safety.

Even fitness enthusiasts, who pay substantial membership fees to lift weights and get in shape, don’t scrimp on the equipment they need to get a good, safe workout.

Here at Fulmer Dentistry we can help with one of the often-overlooked pieces of equipment that is extremely important – the mouthguard.

In the past, mouthguards were used mainly by the more traditional contact sports – football, wrestling, boxing , sometimes basketball. Today, the potential damage to teeth that comes from a thrown ball, an errant elbow or biting grimace is widely recognized and, as a result, the mouthguard has become vital component of athletic equipment for most sports.

An athlete not wearing the proper mouthguard is 1.6-1.9 times more likely to sustain damage to their teeth according to American Dental Association (ADA) Council on Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations and the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs.

Without a proper mouthguard, you are exposing not only the teeth, but also the gums and supporting bone structure. If you or your child wears braces, a custom fitted mouthguard is even more important.

Most of us are familiar with those “boil and bite” mouthguards that are available for a few bucks at the drug or department store. While those are better than nothing, there are better options available to protect your teeth and mouth during both team and individual athletic activities.

You can be confident when you get a mouthguard from Fulmer Dentistry that it is properly fitted and that it provides adequate thickness to give you or your child’s teeth the maximum amount of protection.

An improperly fitted mouthguard also restricts the ability of the athlete to communicate effectively. This is especially important for those “key communicator” positions in sports (football quarterbacks, soccer goalies, basketball point guards). This is true in some of the less traditional sports like lacrosse, skiing, and hockey as well. The ability to communicate effectively while wearing a proper mouthguard is often overlooked but is of vital importance for both safety and performance of the athlete.

A mouthguard sized and fitted by Fulmer Dentistry provides much greater protection than the boil and bite alternative. It is easy for Dr. Fulmer to incorporate the sizing into a regular cleaning or checkup appointment. Then, about a week later, you can have a mouthpiece that you are confident is providing the best level of protection you desire for your teeth and gums.

Properly fitted mouthguards don’t break down like their less expensive alternatives do. While the initial investment may be a little bit more, athletes often go through two or three of the boil and bite mouthpieces in a season. They get chewed up and discarded as somewhat disposable, which is what they are.

A properly fitted mouthpiece goes beyond just the mouth. An article in the Journal of Athletic Training suggested that a proper fitting mouthguard may also reduce the athlete’s likelihood of sustaining a concussion.

Dr. Fulmer is a huge sports fan, having participated in many different sports himself (he would jokingly tell you his properly-fitting mouthguard even protected him when he experienced one of his falls from the bench, where he spent most of his time :^>).

It is estimated that victims of knocked-out teeth might face lifetime expenses of up to $15,000 per tooth. So whether you are an adult choosing to do some weight-lifting or skiing, or your child is a KASL soccer player, a Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha football player or a Lakeland Little League baseball player, (or a member of their school team) a custom-fitted mouthguard is a great insurance policy and a great investment.

Fulmer Dentistry offers custom mouthguards in school and team colors. Football season is just around the corner. Make an appointment today with Fulmer Dentistry to get one of the most important pieces of athletic equipment you can provide for yourself or your child.

Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry in Kenosha

Our Kenosha and Paddock Lake offices offer oral conscious sedation dentistry.

Treating Anxiety When Visiting The Dentist

For some people, a visit to the dentist brings about an uncomfortable fear or anxiety. In some cases, this keeps people from seeking the treatment they need to maintain good oral health and can prove to be a costly fix in the future.

We understand that fear and offer a non-judgemental and pain-free experience with oral conscious sedation dentistry.

What Is Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry?

Oral conscious sedation dentistry is a painless process in which the dentist gives the patient a dose of medication orally instead of with a needle to help them relax during a procedure. Much of the time, the patient will still be awake during the procedure, just in a mild state of sedation. Depending on the anxiety a patient feels, the amount of the sedative used is increased. On occasion, the patient will not even remember seeing the dentist at all. After the procedure is complete, the patient is usually awakened with a gentle shake.

The procedure has increased in popularity since 2000 and has been helping patients receive the oral care they need.

We’ve Seen Results

At Fulmer Dentistry of Kenosha and Paddock Lake, we experienced success and excitement by patients offered oral conscious sedation dental options.

We use sedative drugs in the class of benzodiazepines (typically associated with anti-anxiety). These drugs are some of the most widely used class of drugs for sedation because of their efficacy and safety of usage.

We recommend that patients who choose the option have transportation to and from the appointment and rest for the remainder of the day.

Are you anxious about seeing the dentist, but want to make sure you keep up your oral health? Contact us for a consultation about oral conscious sedation dentistry, or a visit, today.