Fulmer Dentistry – Making Your Teeth Great Again!

Making your teeth great

Having a great white smile and healthy teeth & gums requires you to keep dental care high on your list of priorities. An important part of that care is making sure you have a dentist who has the experience, education and empathy that, when combined, will enable you to take the steps necessary to keep you smiling.

Here are five top ways you can be sure you are getting the care you desire:

  1. Make sure your dentist has the credentials you expect and deserve. This means your dentist should have proper training, all of the requisite licenses and will hopefully be experienced in administering the specific areas of care you and your family need. In order to stay abreast of the latest technological advances in dentistry (resulting in more successful, pain-free procedures), your dentist should enroll in a regular series of continuing education classes. Dental technology is constantly evolving. It often isn’t necessary for you to suffer through procedures that were highly painful in years past. Dr. Fulmer has completed over 2000 hours of advanced dental study. Ask your dentist if you can review his/her portfolio – check if they would be willing to share references with you, including before and after photos if available. Dr. Fulmer’s commitment to continuing education is consistent with his desire to provide his patients with the best care available. Experience is a key factor in quality dental care.

  2. Make sure your dentist is concerned about your “whole health”.  A good dentist understands that your mouth is sensitive and employs a gentle touch when handling your teeth and gums. A good dentist knows the danger of using mercury silver fillings and can recommend diet and lifestyle adjustments that will help you keep your mouth and gums healthy. A great dentist, like Dr. Fulmer, has a reassuring chairside manner that gives you confidence that you and your family are getting the best care available.

  3. Communication now can avoid problems later. Start your relationship with a new dentist by setting up a meeting where you can explain your dental history and goals. Dr. Fulmer offers a free initial consultation. You will be impressed that he asks the right questions, listens actively to your concerns and does his best to you educate you on the most advanced ways to address your oral care goals. A good dentist will not bully, pressure or rush you to make decisions and will respect all patients’ time and resources. A good dentist will be honest with you, helping you to set realistic expectations for your procedures, outlining outcomes and expected timetables. Dr. Fulmer has a reputation for being one of the best communicators in his field, not just in Kenosha and Paddock Lake, but throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

  4. Beware of economic extremes. Some dentists market themselves as high-end luxury dentist and will attempt to upsell you on products and services. Others advertise below-market prices, but those are often at the risk of getting shoddy work and cheap materials. At Fulmer Dentistry, you will receive top-of-the-line care at reasonable prices. It’s a key as to why so many repeat patients are so loyal to Dr. Fulmer.

  5. Facilities are important. How does the dentist’s office impress you when you walk in the front door? Are the offices clean and inviting? Does it appear that they have the latest equipment and sterilization processes? You can rest assured that Dr. Fulmer takes pride in providing an environment that is comfortable and reassuring to all of his patients.

Dr. Jim Fulmer and Fulmer Dentistry take personal pride in seeing their patients smile. Knowing that they have helped Kenosha families live a happier, more pain-free life is a direct result of the work Dr. Fulmer has done.