New Years Dental Resolutions

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With the approach of another New Year, Dr. Fulmer is stressing the importance of keeping bright, healthy teeth at the forefront of your resolutions this year.

Good oral health gives all of us an opportunity to concentrate on those other important resolutions. Tooth care should be a top priority if you are serious about making healthy choices next year.

First and foremost, you should resolve to expand upon your daily regimen of brushing and flossing. At least twice a day, be sure to give your teeth the kind of care they need to keep your smile bright and your daily living painless.

Partaking in holiday goodies is ok, but it really makes sense to follow those holiday cookies and candies with a thorough brushing and flossing. Sugar is corrosive to your teeth. Don’t let it linger around them longer than is absolutely necessary.

If you are a regular brusher, but have not gotten into the habit of regular flossing, the New Year is a great time to “up your routine” to add this important element to your daily dental care. Dr. Fulmer urges all of his patients to floss twice a day, and more if you imbibe in foods that can damage your teeth if you do not floss them away right after eating.

That red wine sure tastes good. But understand when you drink it that it can stain your teeth. Consider those less staining white wines once in awhile. And if you do drink those wonderful cabs, merlots and other tasty red wines, be sure to rinse afterwards.

A good, balanced nutritional plan also contributes to periodontal health. As you explore diets that will help you keep your waist size under control, also consider the effects of good nutrition on your oral health. Avoid sugars as much as possible. Excessive alcohol consumption has been shown to be a contributing factor to bad oral health as well.

Still smoking? Just quit.

Finally, be sure to schedule regular visits with Dr. Fulmer and his great staff at either his Paddock Lake or his Kenosha office.

Enjoy the holidays. Concentrate on family and friends. Don’t get distracted by those sometimes painful issues related to dental health.

Dr. Fulmer wishes you and yours a fulfilling, prosperous and pain-free 2017.