Senior Dental Care & Fulmer Dentistry

At Fulmer, we work with insurers to provide the best senior dental care.

As you get older, senior dental care and hygiene become increasingly important to maintaining your quality of life.

Kenosha has a high percentage of senior citizens who have grown up during a generation when dental technology and care has made great advances.

Most seniors remember the painful experience of having cavities drilled with little or no pain relief. They remember the dread with which they anticipated going to the dentist in a time when it almost seemed worth it to live with the pain.

All of that has changed in recent decades. With the advent of improved techniques and technology, senior citizens, like all patients, can benefit from the advances that have been made and the care that dedicated dental professionals like Dr. Jim Fulmer and his staff at Fulmer Dentistry offices in Kenosha and Paddock Lake have to offer.

Unlike the assembly line dentistry that has emerged in recent days, Dr. Fulmer brings his patients a genuine concern and first-hand knowledge of the latest advances in modern dentistry. His chair side manner is reassuring and Kenosha’s senior citizens are among the most loyal of his patients, having experienced the “old ways” and coming to appreciate the many advances Dr. Fulmer and his trained staff bring to his practice.

Seniors face unique challenges when it comes to caring for their teeth. Many seniors take prescriptions which have, as one of the side effects, a dry mouth. A dry mouth increases the risk of cavities and gum disease to seniors. It is estimated that there are over 400 medications that contribute to dry mouth syndrome.

Some seniors have dentures. It is vital that those dentures are cleaned on a daily basis. Seniors are encouraged to take their dentures out for at least four hours daily and remove them at night.

It is important that seniors be encouraged to drink tap water, which usually contains fluoride which also contributes to good dental health.

Some published findings link poor dental health to pneumonia – always a great risk for senior citizens. This is especially an issue for elderly citizens and those who are confined to nursing homes.

Cost can be an issues for senior citizens as well. Many find themselves on a fixed income with Social Security and Medicare for the first time in their lives. Some lose dental coverage upon retirement and Medicare does not cover most dental work. Medicaid coverage, where it is available, varies from state to state. And, the landscape for all of those coverages is constantly changing. It is estimated that only about two percent of older Americans have  insurance for their senior dental care needs.

Seniors also face transportation challenges that make it difficult to get to their dentist. Dr. Fulmer is conveniently located both in Kenosha and in Paddock Lake.

Dr. Fulmer knows his patients well and he treats his elderly patients with the care they have earned with a lifetime of sacrifice and contribution to a better Kenosha. Senior citizens appreciate the quality dental care they receive at Fulmer Dentistry. They deserve nothing less.

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