Great, Local Dental Care at Fulmer Dentistry

Great, Local Dental Care

You would not trust your general health to a corporate doctor whose primary interest is profit rather than your personal well-being. Would you? Great, local dental care is just as important to your quality of life as the rest of your body. In some ways, because of the important functions that your mouth and teeth perform, it can be even more important!

Dr. Jim Fulmer and his staff at Fulmer Dentistry pride themselves on getting to know their patients. They are Kenosha residents. In fact, Dr. Fulmer is a fifth generation Kenoshan and there have been ten private practice dentists in his family. It’s no wonder Fulmer Dentistry, in Kenosha and Paddock Lake, is known for professional, friendly, pain-free dentistry.

Corporate dentistry is a fairly recent phenomena. Like the retail marketplace, corporations recognize profit potential by creating assembly lines where patients come in and get whatever dentist happens to be available that day. The concept of personal care and attention can get lost in the shuffle of bottom line profits and maximizing insurance returns.

At Fulmer Dentistry, a family dentist, patients know that there will not be some profit-motivated bureaucrat looking over their dentist’s shoulder, recommending procedures that may or may not be best for them, or even necessary.Dr. Fulmer and his staff get to know their patients personally. They ask detailed questions about your teeth and they access the latest training opportunities to stay abreast of potential new treatments and technologies.

Dr. Fulmer prides himself on being a graduate of the Marquette School of Dentistry. Plus, he has over 2,000 hours of advanced dental study under his belt. He is also a graduate of the prestigious LD Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education.

Many of the dentists who will see you at corporate sites are recent college graduates looking to enhance their resume or bide time until they can link up with a private practice.

Fulmer Dentistry accepts full responsibility for your care plan. As a private practice, they are more free to design a plan that fits both your needs and your budget. Professional freedom means they can be flexible in addressing your dental concerns, often in ways that are frowned upon in a corporate environment.

Many senior citizens in Kenosha know that they can trust Dr. Fulmer and his staff for quality care that will be done right the first time. Surprises are rare, again because Dr. Fulmer takes great pride in asking questions and finding real solutions for his patients.

In those painful emergency dental situations, you can trust Dr. Fulmer will see you, himself, at the earliest possible convenience. At corporate offices, you often are asked to delay treatment or to see a dentist that you don’t know. In an emergency situation, this can be frightening.

Each member of the staff at Fulmer Dentistry brings a unique skill-set to the practice. It is a close-knit group and they offer a family-friendly environment at both their Kenosha office on Roosevelt Road and their Paddock Lake office on Highway 50.

Dr. Fulmer knows how much technology has contributed to pain-free dental procedures in the modern era. As such, his office is equipped with the latest equipment to do everything from cosmetic procedures to restorative root canals and implants. If you are considering something for your teeth that you have read or heard about that requires new technology, check with Dr. Fulmer first. Chances are good that he is one of the first dentists in this area to have invested in the technology you are reading about.

Dr. Fulmer is proud of the reputation his practice has for making Kenosha (and Paddock Lake) families smile brighter and live better. In his practice, he has the final say when it comes to something suggested for your teeth or gums.

As a dentist who is active in his community, Dr. Fulmer runs into many of his patients when he is out and about at community events, golfing or just grocery shopping. He takes great pride when his patients tell him how thankful they are for the good work that Fulmer Dentistry does for them and their loved ones.

Kenosha is a great city with great people. Fulmer Dentistry is your best option for getting great dental care from someone with a reputation for making Kenoshans smile. Contact Fulmer Dentistry’s Kenosha office at 262-558-4129, or Paddock Lake at 262-843-4643.