Celebrating Our Talented Dental Hygienists

Fulmer Dental Hygienist

Fulmer Dentistry has two dental hygienists who are known for being the best at what they do. Their work will be celebrated this week as part of National Dental Hygienists Week.

Fulmer Dentistry’s dental hygienists, Anita and Teresa, are key players on the Fulmer team. They have long tenures working in dentistry and both have graduated from prestigious dental hygiene programs. They’ve been putting those talents to work at Fulmer Dentistry for a combined 53 years! Both are certified to administer local anesthetics. Anita and Teresa are proficient and experienced in all of the duties included in their jobs as dental hygienists.

National Dental Hygienist Week is proclaimed annually to focus on the importance of maintaining good oral health practices and helping people learn about and understand the importance of the dental hygiene profession.

Anita and Teresa are what Fulmer Dentistry refers to as “your partners in prevention.” They are licensed health care professionals who provide preventive, educational and therapeutic dental health services to Fulmer patients in both our Kenosha and Paddock Lake offices.

Studies show that half of American adults suffer from periodontitis. Dental hygienists across America are working hard to change this statistic. They are making progress.

Anita and Teresa exhibit the qualities that make them a valued part of the Fulmer team.

These qualities include:

Patience and understanding: Many patients are uneasy about their visits to the dental office. Anita and Teresa work to put their minds and at ease so the patient can relax while they perform their duties.
Attention to Detail: Every mouth is different and Anita and Teresa address the little things before they turn into big, painful problems for Dr. Fulmer’s patients. Every mouth is different and Anita and Teresa work diligently and carefully to make sure every patient receives the best care and has the best chance of success.
Passion: Their job requires dexterity and stamina. Dental hygienists work hard. They are on their feet for hours at a time and they are tired at the end of their shift. Anita and Teresa continue in this line of work because they love to see Dr. Fulmer’s patients smile and enjoy the best quality of life.
Positive Attitude: By smiling a lot they possess a disarming kind of charm that makes the visit to the dentist’s office easier and less stressful.

US News & World Report lists dental hygienist as the fifth best job in America out of the top 100 in 2015. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects dental hygienist job opportunities to grow by 33 percent through 2022. This is reflective of the demand for the excellent services they offer – especially from great hygienists like Anita and Teresa.

At Fulmer Dentistry, dental hygiene includes teaching the patient to be positive about prevention. Hygienists assist with sealing, polishing and cleaning teeth as well as educating patients about good oral hygiene.

Anita and Teresa, the two talented dental hygienists on the Fulmer Dentistry team, enjoy working with people. They like getting to know you and are very good at communicating ways to make your dental health care better and more rewarding.

Fulmer Dentistry offers great dental hygiene services as a part of the complete dental care services available in both our Kenosha and Paddock Lake offices. Make your appointment in Kenosha at 262-324-1370 or Paddock Lake at 262-843-4643.