Take care of your smile during the holidays

With two convenient locations to serve you, Fulmer Dentistry can help you take care of your smile during holidays.  Located in Kenosha and in Paddock Lake, we are close enough to serve you quickly and get you on your way to finish up that all-important holiday shopping.

For over 30 years, Dr. Fulmer has been helping Kenoshans with all of their dental care needs. “It is especially important during the holiday season for people to remember the essentials of good oral health,” he said. “Whether you are looking to get your teeth whitened or just want to schedule a routine checkup, so that your holiday celebrations will not be interrupted by dental issues, we are anxious to help you concentrate on smiling and laughing with your family.”

Dr. Fulmer’s staff will be happy to make your appointment for a routine cleaning.  In that visit, we will double-check to be sure you don’t have any cavities that might take the enjoyment out of your holidays.  We will remove built-up plaque and partially remove surface stains. We will apply a fluoride treatment and perform x-rays that Dr. Fulmer feels are necessary to ensure that you will not be bothered by unanticipated toothaches or other issues.

During your routine dental appointment, as a part of your regular dental hygiene plan, we will also check for cracked or damaged teeth and bleeding gums. This will prevent bad breath from becoming an issue and will help you avoid more serious oral health issues down the road.

It is easy during the holidays to break some rules as they relate to diet. This is true for food items relating to oral health as well. “Having a Christmas cookie with your kids once in awhile is not going to hurt you too much (from a dental perspective),” Dr. Fulmer said. “As long as you are committed to a program of daily tooth care and maintenance, you can go ahead and enjoy the holidays.” He did suggest trying to substitute sugarless treats and to avoid soda or coffee when possible. “You would be surprised how many great holiday treats there are that are not detrimental to your oral health.”

If you are looking to have a teeth whitening service performed before the holidays, it is important to call today to make an appointment. Kenosha residents know the value of a bright smile when meeting people over the holidays. That smile makes a lasting impression and gives you confidence during this season of parties and family gatherings.

Fulmer Dentistry offers an in-office bleaching service that usually requires just one appointment. Unlike treatments you might be tempted to perform at home, Fulmer Dentistry’s in-office whitening procedure uses a stronger agent to color the teeth. We are experts at using this more effective method which, if not applied professionally, runs the risk of damaging the teeth, gums or other areas of the mouth.

“It’s vitally important that the procedure not harm existing tooth enamel,” Dr. Fulmer stated. “I’ve been doing this for over 30 years. You can be confident that my experience will give you the professional care you expect and protect you from more expensive and potentially painful problems later on.”

In-office whitening also allows Fulmer Dentistry to isolate and treat, where necessary, areas of greater tooth sensitivity. “Our goal is to give you the whitest teeth possible,” Dr. Fulmer said. “The procedure should be virtually painless. It’s remarkable what a difference whiter teeth can make to a person’s outlook.”

During this holiday season, don’t overlook the important role healthy teeth play in making your holidays bright. At Fulmer Dentistry, our great staff is eager to help you celebrate. Contact us today for your pre-holiday appointment.